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With a large variety of offered classes, a faculty that is eager to teach, and students that create a stimulating atmosphere, Brilliant Minds Academy falls just short of academic heaven. BMA offers all levels of classes (Regular, Honors, Advanced Placement) in the Sciences and Mathematics subjects. With small class sizes and the opportunity for one-on-one help, BMA promises to make a difference in students’ academic achievements.

Brilliant Minds, now in its 9th year running, stresses hard work, dedication, and success. Rather than having large class sizes, the quality of education is enhanced by smaller groups. This reflects the philosophy of the academy that each student should receive the maximum, yet equal attention of the tutors, which in turn helps the students to better understand the material.

In addition to classes that are held for school courses, BMA also offers SAT Prep courses that range from both SAT II Subject Tests in Math and Science to SAT preparation courses. BMA stresses flexibility and will work to accommodate any student that has the desire to join the academy.

BMA has various resources that help in preparation for all types of tests (AP, SAT, and more), along with numerous textbooks and extra practice materials. For more information about the courses offered, student atmosphere, or just general questions, visit the FAQs or Contact pages of this website.

Brilliant Minds Academy is the place where brilliance is nurtured.